Reactivate your client base A crowd-pleasing approach to building loyalty.

Conquest Events

Lead change to your advantage.

With FIDGI, expand your horizons and conquer a new client base!

Pioneer of conquest sales, the knowledgeable team at FIDGI unlocks a new market for your dealership.

The enthusiasm of our call centre brings many new clients to come and visit your showroom. Once there, we use our know-how to morph their desires into intentions, and those intentions into real satisfaction.

Loyalty Events

If you don't take care of your customers, your competitors will.

Dazzle and impress your customers with our private sales, custom-made for your clientele!

Each and every one of your customers is important! With our data processing system, revive your inactive clients. Get ready to be sensational! Discover how our team of experts is qualified to pinpoint your clients' needs and accompany them throughout the sale process.

Who are we?

  • FIDGI is your tool to...
  • Find new ways to expand your client base and
  • Innovate in the way you
  • Develop your market in order to
  • Grow adequately until you
  • Impress the whole world.