Here at FIDGI, our main criterion is the passion of each and every one of our team members. Our main motivation? Improving the performance of your dealership!

Founded in 2011 in Quebec City, FIDGI is a dynamic enterprise with several high quality accomplishments to date. We are proud to be exclusive partners with CCAQ who trust us with managing event sales.

The FIDGI team is a pioneer is conquest sales and currently possesses the strongest expertise on the market. Our team is made up of over sixty employees, over forty of which are telephone agents; this quality makes FIDGI quite simply the best automotive call centre.

FIDGI shares a sense of family and values based on respect, trust, honesty and transparency, as well as creative freedom. Furthermore, we offer continuing training to our team members in order to maintain the excellence of our services, to stay innovative and to surpass your expectations. Our thorough knowledge of the automotive market as well as our professionalism are sure to delight you and win over your customers' hearts thanks the impeccable quality of our service and of the results we achieve.

In sales, retaining and expanding your client base is of the utmost importance. The FIDGI team is perfectly designated to help you achieve this goal.

Reap several benefits for your dealership by making use of the services FIDGI has to offer!

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