Customer Service

Develop and expand your network!

Enhance your dealership's performance by entrusting FIDGI to put your critical data in order.

Our team specialized in data processing knows how to freshen up your database in order to enhance your dealership's results and performance, which will allow you do revitalize and enhance your reputation as well as your market share.

Private Sales

Give your dealership a breath of vitality and boost its growth with our private event sales allowing you to regain your passive customers and give your enterprise a new impulse.

Conquest Sales

Conquer new horizons! Get access to a new market share and let FIDGI bring in new customers!

Other Services

The FIDGI team offers several services allowing you to boost your profits.

  • Database updating
  • 24h follow-up calls
  • Client survey
  • Salesman training
  • Targeted call campaign

The FIDGI Added Value

  • Database optimization
  • Creation of exclusive and enticing promotions
  • A call centre with exceptional service
  • Direct mail of the highest quality

The FIDGI team offers incomparable customer service!

FIDGI sets itself apart thanks to the efficiency of its call centre, which employs telephone agents highly specialized in the automotive field. Equally worthy of mention are the quality of its appointments, which ensure the presence of qualifying customers in your showroom, as well as the excellence of its animation during the event.

Acutely aware of your specific needs, the FIDGI team will design a custom plan with you that caters to your goals in order to make each and every one of your event sales exceptionally successful.

In the automotive field, competition is fierce. Do not let your competitors steal your customers away from you and let FIDGI show them how much they mean to you.

You can trust the FIDGI team for a service of the highest quality. Contact us to talk about our private event sales and conquest sales.