FIDGI maintains high quality standards, and that's how we make a difference.

FIDGI's quality guarantee relies on four components:

  • The guarantee of the best call centre;
  • The guarantee of the best facilitators;
  • The guarantee of superior quality in direct marketing;
  • The guarantee of superior results for your dealership.

At FIDGI, our team is driven by the same motivation: your dealership's satisfaction.

FIDGI takes charge of all steps necessary to properly organize your event sales and contributes to their success by transforming them into moments of unforgettable achievement.

Since we have our own call centre, our call standards are very high. Under constant supervision, our telephone agents specialized in the automotive field use a polite and professional tone to communicate with a targeted public that will soon fill your showroom.

In order to transform your sale into a unique and coveted event, our experienced facilitators will visit your showroom to help you get it ready according to your requirements and concept of choice. Working hand in hand with your salespeople, our facilitators will coach them skillfully thanks to their thorough understanding of your clients' desires and their own motivation to fulfill those desires.

Our team provides your dealership with the tools necessary to its growth and offers you enhanced visibility during your event sales. Furthermore, FIDGI offers attentive support before, during and after the event, ensuring unrivalled success and repercussions.

Be confident in your choice with FIDGI's quality guarantee!